Message from the President

We are constantly reinforcing our comprehensive strengths as a development leader with a global production platform, deeply committed to the further growth of the automobile industry

Today the automobile industry is approaching a major turning point. While the market has reach maturity in Japan and other developed countries, further growth can still be expected on the global stage. Meanwhile a wave of new technologies, such as electric and fuel-cell vehicles, is sweeping the automotive world.

For Nukabe Corporation, this transitional phase represents a sparkling business opportunity. Since its foundation in 1945, the Company has lent crucial support to the advancement of Japan’s automotive sector. Backed by high-precision machine-processing technologies cultivated over the decades, Nukabe is rising to the challenge of these new technologies, developing the products on which they depend. We are also steadily building out a production network that is truly global in scope.

A prominent area of our product-development work involves the development of electronic control components and motor parts, serving the long-term shift toward electronic controls in automobiles. More than ever, customers in the auto industry demand the ability to develop multiple advanced technologies. In response, Nukabe is moving forward with proposal-driven projects conducted jointly with customers and product development through tie-ups with business partners.

Nukabe was an early adopter of the trend toward cross-border production. The globalization of our production platform kicked off in 1987, with the opening of a Nukabe affiliate in Hong Kong. Using the results of these early initiatives as a springboard, Nukabe built plants in the United States and China. We also advanced into Mexico amid the excitement over the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), establishing a framework for accelerating our growth in the vast North American market.

Nukabe does not benefit from capital participation from a major parent company. Our only lifeline is our comprehensive ability to respond smartly to the demands of our customers. Naturally, the key to that ability is none other than the talent and dedication of our people. We cultivate exceptional personnel, such as engineers who can table game-changing technical proposals at the development stage, or technicians who can machine-process the most challenging materials with superb precision. Today and in the future, Nukabe is making a solid contribution to the further development of the automobile industry

Corporate data

Company name Nukabe Corporation
Established April 1, 1945
Capital 70 million yen
Sales ¥12.1 billion (year ended in July 2018)
President President : Keitaro Nishida
Chairman & Director
Noriyoshi Nishida
Managing Director
Mitsuo Nishida
Tetsuo Nishida
Tsutomu Takada
Senior Advisor
Takayoshi Nishida
No. of employees 549
  • Processing of Engine Parts
  • Manufacture and Sales of Compressor Parts for Air Conditioners
  • Electronic Parts
  • and Other Automotive Parts
Plants Takasaki Plant, Kanra Plant, Uda Plant 1, Uda Plant 2,
Kuragano Plant 1, Kuragano Plant 2
Group Company
Kato Manufacturing co.,ltd.
Hong Kong Nukabe co.,ltd.
Mattoon Precision Manufacturing. Inc.
Zhuhai Free Trade Zone Nukabe co.,ltd.
Nukabe Mexicana S.A. DE C.V.
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1945 Nukabe Kinzoku Kogyosha established
1957 Company name changed to Nukabe Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and company incorporated
1963 Started doing business with Diesel Kiki Co., Ltd. (currently Bosch Automotive Systems Corp., JP Division)
1967 Started doing business with Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd
1969 Started doing business with Jidosha Kiki Co., Ltd. (present Bosch Automotive Systems Corp., JC Division)
1978 Recognized by Gunma Prefecture as an "Efficient Plant Model"
1981 Started doing business with Diesel Kiki Co., Ltd. Air Conditioner Division (present Zexel Valeo Climate Control Corporation)
1983 Nishida Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. established as a new affiliate
1987 Hong Kong Nukabe Co., Ltd. established
1989 Mattoon Precision Manufacturing Inc. (MPMI), a U.S. subsidiary, established
1991 Started doing business with JECS (present Hitachi Unisia Automotive Ltd.)
1996 Nukabe Precision Co., Ltd. established
1999 Started doing business with Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.(present SUBARU CORPORATION)
  • Started doing business with Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • ISO9002:1994 certification obtained(Takasaki,Uda1 Plant)
  • Started doing business with Kyosan Denki Co., Ltd.
  • Started doing business with Denso Corp.
  • Started doing business with Yanmar Co., Ltd.
  • Zhuhai Free Trade Zone Nukabe Co., Ltd. starts operation.
  • QS9000 certification obtained(Takasaki,Uda1 Plant)
2004 ISO9001:2000 certification obtained(Takasaki,Tomioka,Matsuida,Uda1,Uda2 Plant)
2005 ISO14001 certification obtained(Takasaki Plant)
2009 Expanded the Takasaki Plant.
  • ISO/TS16949 certification obtained
  • Constructed the Kanra Plant.
2014 Nukabe Mexicana S.A. DE C.V. established.
2016 "Kurumin" Certification(Childcare Support Company) approved.
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