As an innovative parts maker, we use our engineering spirit to take up the challenges of the impossible.

Strength in technical development is a major factor behind Nukabe's success, and it will continue to sustain Nukabe's future growth. We have gained the trust of our customers by taking bold steps toward achieving technical developments that once appeared nearly impossible.

One example is the challenge of non traditional materials such as special steels and other metals. For automotive functional parts, our main products, a major theme is to decrease weight to help increase fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impact. To address this challenge, Nukabe aggressively pursues joint development of processing methods for difficult-to-grind materials with machinery manufacturers and other parties. We have established processing technologies that attain micron-level accuracy.

We have also established a project to build new in-house production lines for customers' new product development. Our comprehensive technical expertise in processing allows us to make technical proposals for the production of the highest quality products at a lower cost. As an innovative parts manufacturer, our technical prowess is outstanding.

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